A journey through life with Multiple Sclerosis...

WB00956_1.GIF (496 bytes)What does this symbol mean to you?

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A Journey Through Life With Multiple Sclerosis
Written by Sue Mark
-Read by Esther Schooler

It used to mean just disabled access or parking.... something for somebody in a wheelchair... somebody ill or crippled. Somebody else.

Now to me it means someplace I can go, for I am now that person in the wheelchair, or with a cane or walker, depending on the day.

To me now it means access. A parking place I can get in and out of.. it means my life has changed.

Come with me on a journey that is sometimes scary, sometimes sad, learn how it feels from the first time you know there is something wrong, through diagnosis and acceptance.

Is this you? Do you know someone who could be affected with Multiple Sclerosis? Do you want to learn more, to know what it is like? Come and learn. Find information, validation, and acceptance with me. It's a journey you won't forget.

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