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                MedSupport FSF International, the first and only nonprofit
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MARCH 18, 1998

For Immediate Release

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and MedSupport FSF Form Strategic Alliance

The Best of Both Worlds for MS Patients Around the Globe

March 18, 1998 -- The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and MedSupport FSF International today announced that they have formed a "sister" alliance to bring the best of both worlds of health concerns and support.

The new agreement is a first between a mainly real-time organization and one run entirely on the Internet. It is the goal of these two organizations that they work together to provide the very best in personal and contemporary support and assistance for those with MS, reaching out together through print media and the Internet to form an alliance that "covers all the bases and reaches out in ways no other organization alone has been able to up until now", says Sue Mark the founder/CEO of MedSupport FSF International.

While working together, both organizations plan on keeping their autonomy as separate entities with common goals.

"I knew we would make a wonderful team and we have many projects in the works" says Penelope Faye Gargala, Executive Operations Administrator for the MS Foundation.

Both organizations have so much to offer and so much in common .. one through traditional support groups and means and the other through the Internet.. it is only natural that they should get together to provide the best of the best combined.

The MS Foundation provides toll-free help lines, a home assist program and so much more. Their website can be found at .

MedSupport FSF International has been providing online support groups since 1992,   and can be found at .

For Further Information Contact:
The MS Foundation
6350 N. Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309-2130
Tel: 800-441-7055
FAX: 954-938-8708

MedSupport FSF International
3132 Timberview Drive
Dunedin, FL 34698
Tel: 800-793-0766
FAX: 813-784-1046


MARCH 15,1998


The Board of Directors and officers of MedSupport FSF International have had
a lot of meetings lately regarding just what our future goals should be and
how best serve the disabled community.

MedSupport FSF International was first founded as strictly a meeting place
for support and information for those with Multiple Sclerosis. Over the
years we have expanded greatly to meet the needs of other groups that came
to our attention.

At this time in our growth we find it necessary to refocus our efforts and
make several changes in our organizational structure. The major of those
being to return to the original goal of MedSupport FSF, mainly being a
source of support and information for those afflicted with MS and their

When we added the other groups we did so because of a need on the web for
such groups. There are now other agencies better able to meet the needs of
these groups. Many more resources have become available during the last few years on the Internet and we feel confident that this move is the best for all concerned.

Any group that needs a forum and chat room that we now serve can do so at no
cost to themselves at . We will assist them in doing
so if they so desire.

Our Multiple Sclerosis area will increase and more services will be
available shortly.

Among our plans are to include many more MS specific forums, such as a forum
for those on Betaseron and Avonex, the Newly Diagnosed and Those not yet

We will have a forum run by the MS foundation physicians where actual
doctors who specialize in MS will answer direct questions. Alternative
Medicine will be MS Alternatives. There will be more changes.

We look forward to continuing our dedication to those affected by Multiple
and to continued growth.

Susan J. Mark
President and CEO
MedSupport FSF International