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Forum Rules

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No Flaming (personal attacks), swearing, rudeness or inappropriate sexual discussions are allowed, as determined by the MedSupport FSF International Staff and the forum moderators. In general, if a minor cannot come in to the area and read it is not appropriate. Please take any arguments to email. While we encourage discussions and debate we do not wish to see our boards a place where people come just for the sake of argument. Try to keep chatter to a minimum.

We reserve the right to delete any messages that are not, in our opinion appropriate in the area in which they were posted or violate the above rules.

Advertising is strictly forbidden without prior approval of the staff.


MedSupport FSF International provides these forums for idea-sharing, support and discussion, however ...opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of MedSupport FSF International, and we urge everyone to discuss any medical/emotional problems with their doctors and not to make any changes in your current treatments without first discussing this with your doctor.

MedSupport FSF International does not assume liability for nor can it control statements or information posted by any individual and each should be assessed with that in mind and not acted upon blindly. As always, discuss all medical or emotional concerns with your physician.

Dr. Richard Clark and Dr. Robert Clark and the other moderators are all volunteers. Their job is to guide you and attempt to answer questions as well as give support to the best of their ability. However, their guidance is not to be considered counseling. Acting in good faith their opinions or suggestions should always be discussed with your own physician. MedSupport FSF and our staff can not assume liability for any harm or damage resulting from an act that was carried out based upon the contents of a forum post.


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1998 MedSupport FSF International
last updated 06/24/98

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