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Just For Fun !
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  • Visit our Poems, Celebrations and Smiles Forum!
  • Make Your Own Home Page Right Here, Right NOW!!!
  • NEW! Send someone a special MedSupport Card FREE today! Medsupport FSF brings you this free service to send messages from the heart for all occasions!
  • Starstuff: What do YOUR stars say today? Rowena does readings, ....you name it! Excellent site.
  • Build-A-Card: Greeting Cards for Holidays, Birthdays, Thank You Cards, & more!
  • Online Greeting cards Send on-line or real post cards all over the world
  • Virtual Flowers Homepage Send a virtual bouquet to someone special.
  • Hallmark Connections Electronic Cards
  • Animated Greeting cards (MIG home)
  • Warner Brothers WeB Cards
  • Shareware~Freeware~Public Domain~Software:

  • Apogee Software Web BBS
  • Stroud's Consummate
  • Welcome to shareware.com
  • Software Net Product Menu
  • Westwood Studios
  • PC Gamer Home Page
  • 7th Level
  • Maximized Software - Home Page
  • ZD Net Software Library - Top Rated Shareware
    All the Shareware you could want! Searchable dbase!
  • Windows 95 Software Library
  • Online Fun

  • NETROPOLIS online game
  • Port of Entry(game) online game
  • The Addventurers! online game
  • The Unending Addventure another in addventurer series
  • Tales From The Crypt Your favorite dungeon-master!
  • The Scrolling Mystery Theater
  • The X-Files
  • DoomGate
  • The Stephen King Fan Page
  • Otanoshimi Page Interactive Web Games
  • Shadowland Terrific Online Games!
  • Shadowland Applet Arcade Java-based arcade, a full arcade of games to play online.
  • Planet Blortland

  • Fun sites for children and adults alike

  • Disney Homepage who doesn't love Mickey !
  • Welcome to the FOX Kids Network! Who Shot Mr. Burns? and many others
  • Welcome to Microsoft Kids!
  • Barry's Clip Art Server
  • Kid Web
  • Thalia's Funpage
  • The Kool-Aid Web Archive You have got to see this
  • Web-a-Sketch! Online etch-a-sketch fun.
  • MapQuest! Welcome!
  • Kicks for Kids
  • Yahooligans! Cool site for kids and adults!
  • G-G-G-G-Goosebumps!
  • Unofficial Page for Mr. Bumpy.
  • Art Comics
  • Star Trek
  • Star Trek - The Next Generation

  • More fun and interesting links

  • I-Ching
  • Tarot Cards Readings
  • Biorhythms
  • Sci-Fi homepage.
  • Rune Reading
  • Sci-Fi Central
  • Cooking Advice for New (or Hungry) Vegetarian/Vegans
  • Dragonwood Druid Reading Room, and much more
  • The Longevity Game! Find out how long you will live
  • Laser Rot! Your Premiere Source for LaserDisc & DVD Information!
  • Welcome To HotWired!
  • The WWW Expo Worlds most exciting electronic exposition
  • FACTORYMALL.com Your connection to factory direct products
  • Virtual Tourist World Map information, tourist guides, and pictures for thousands of places worldwide.
  • Art of China Home Page/Chinese music
  • Classical Chinese Poetry
  • Center for Chinese Studies Library U.C. Berkeley - Digital Chinese Library
  • WANTED: FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives (wouldn't want to run into any of these characters)
  • CourtTV Home Page & Hooked on legal dramas?


    Dilbert WWW
    Leeder O. Men Wheelchair Stuntman Cartoon
    Newsgroup Information
    Jay Leno newsgroup
    Jerry Seinfeld newsgroup
    Letterman's Top Ten newsgroup
    Slapstick newsgroup
    Standup Comedy newsgroup

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