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Regional Representatives
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MedSupport FSF International Regional Representatives are here to help you find the closest Support Group to you. They will also answer your questions regarding our Organization or how to find us on the Internet. Please be courteous and remember, all are unpaid volunteers and in many instances have left their home phone numbers for you to call. When calling, please consider the time of day in regards to the time zones. If you have internet access and it is not something you require immediately please use their email addresses. Keep checking back, as we will be adding more representatives in more states and countries as we grow.

Our goal is to have a regional representative in every country and every state or province within that country. If you are interested in becoming a regional representative or would like more information please email Kathy Pollei.

Click on the Country or State below  or scroll down the page for your regional representative.

[Australia ][England][Florida][Georgia]
[New Mexico][North Carolina][Oregon]
[Pennsylvania][South Dakota]


Our Australian Liason

Cecile Jeppesen
39 Menin Road Nunawading VIC 3131
Phone: 03 9894-4849
Email: jeppmelb@eisa.net.au

Our European Liason

Andy Barnes
E-mail address-- abarnes@netcomuk.co.uk
Fax: +44 1895 236899


Karen Kranz
greatpumpkin@delphi.com (Email only)

Sue Mark
(813) 781-7910


Angela Pittman-Smith
E-mail address-- angela@medsupport.org
Telephone: 770-489-1872
Fax: 770-577-0277


E-mail address--WLEE45@delphi.com
(312) 525-3087


Richard Wahl Email only
E-mail address-- RWahl@juno.com


Kathy Hale E-mail address-- sam@exchange.jn_gray.com
(606) 271-4971


Wendy Hay


Tony Mickells
(402) 291-1874

New Mexico

Anita Barela
E-mail address-- anitab@delphi.com
(505) 622-6169...

North Carolina

Linda L. Mahoney
E-mail address-- speedy1@onslowonline.net


Kathe Williams, R.N., B.S.N.
E-mail address-- williams@wvi.com
The Alphabet House
3896 Beverly Avenue, N.E. J20
Salem, OR 97305
503.316.0764 - fax
503.391.5321 - home


Donna Wellman -sewsew@velocity.net
Centerville, PA

South Dakota

Barb Newcomb
E-mail addresses-- BNEWCOMB@delphi.com or BarbN@aol.com
(605) 361-7995 (has answering machine)    

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1998 MedSupport FSF International
last updated 06/25/98

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