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Call us toll-free at 1-800-793-0766 any time
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MedSupport FSF International, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, assisting and providing 24 hr. support and information for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Our web forums and chat rooms are moderated, flame free and always open. Come on in and join our family! You've finally found home.

A Journey Through Life With Multiple Sclerosis

What is it like to have MS? Read or listen to this article that takes you from your first symptom through diagnosis and acceptance. These pages are also in Spanish. Please take a few minutes to complete our MS Survey.

Living With Disabilities

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               Janet, Mike and Deb during taping of show .

Living With Disabilities : MedSupport FSF presents this television talk show. Check in to see what it's all about and our filming schedule, then join us in our all new Living With Disabilities Forum.

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Betaseron and Secondary Progressive MS:

After 2 years of tesing Betaseron on those with MS that starts as relapsing remitting then changes to progressive MS, the study has been halted. Due to the overwhelmingly positive clinical results Berlex and Chiron have filed for approval with the FDA.

In a group of 690 people who underwent annual MRI scans over the study period, the Betaseron group lesion volume decreased by approximately 5%, while lesion volume in the placebo group increased by around 8%.

Join us for a discussion in our Avonex,Copaxone and Betaseron Forum.

Deja News Forum Now Open

New Forum in text style now available for those who cannot use our current Proxicom forums due to older computers or physical limitations using a keyboard and/or mouse. Please join us in this new addition to MedSupport FSF!

MedSupport FSF International Presents:
Dr. Larry Sheingorn

Dr. Sheingorn is an ophthalmologist well known for his television show entitled "The Doctor's In". He is now one of the MedSupport FSF family and hosting a forum for us. Dr. Sheingorn's forum on Visual Problems with MS.. and more.

Check our Press Release page for more of what's new!


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Ask the Doctor!

Avonex,Copaxone and Betaseron

Benign MS Support

Bowel and Bladder Problems

Cognitive Dysfunction and Solutions

Depression and MS

Dr. Sheingorn on Visual Problems in MS

Equipment Donation
and Swap

General Medical Forum

Living With Disabilities Forum

MedSupport Kids

MS Alternatives

MS Caregiver's Support


Pain and MS

Patient Advocacy

Poems, Celebrations, Smiles!

MedSupport FSF Deja News Forum

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